Free diving

Go to discover depths of Villefranche-sur-mer’s bay following the greatest champions.

Whether on dive in the blue or on drops. In constant or variable weight, we organize the trip and ensure your safety.


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Rand'eau évasion offers you every day three hours trip.

Meeting  at 9 am, and 2pm. Reservation required.

Come simply with your swimwear, your towel and your sun cream.


The sessions are organized in three stages. A small warm-up, the setting up of workshops to make you discover the disciplines of the apnea and a snorkeling ride along a fall to go to the discovery of the fauna and to apply the techniques learned.

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There are several disciplines in Free diving:


-The constant weight: The apneist immerses and rises towards the surface along a guide wire keeping the same ballast.


-The static: The apneist retains as long as possible his breathing.


-The dynamics: The apneist travels the greatest possible distance in immersion.



-The variable weight: The apneist immerses himself by means of a ballast and ascends without it with the aid of its fins or the guide wire.


-The no limit: The apneist immerses himself by means of a ballast and goes back without it with the aid of an inflatable system.


We offer all these disciplines during the introductory sessions, it is up to you to choose the ones that make you dream!

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The minimum age to participate is 10. There is no maximum age.


parental consent for the miners is necessary.




If you enjoy this experience, you can then do a training course.