Introduction dive

Scuba diving cap ferrat


During your first experience in scuba diving , you will be only with your instructor to appreciate at best the first sensations of the weightlessness on the shallow whater.


We are open every day, departure for a half day trip.

Meeting at 9 an and 2 pm: reservation required.


Just come with your swimwear, towel and sunscreen, Rand'eau Evasion provides you with all the necessary equipment.

The excursions start with a boat trip to a site rich in fauna and flora.

Meanwhile, you can admire the panorama of the seaside, Villefranche sur Mer, its old town, its citadel, Cap Ferrat and its majestic villas ...


After the briefing, you will practice on the surface the time to accustom your breathing to this new world. Once ready, your instructor will take you for a 20-minute underwter diving between 0 and 6 meters. You will have only to breathe while contemplating the fish; We take care of everything.


Upon returning you will get a drink with your diploma!

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There are several formulas for initiations:


-The Introduction dive which consists of an immersion between 0 and 6 meters of at least 20 minutes.


-The long Introduction dive, an initiation of 40 minutes, to take the time to fully appreciate the fauna and the flora that surrounds us between 0 and 6 meters.


-The Discover Scuba-Diver, a formula of 2 initiation dives of 40 minutes. You will learn the basics of diving.


-The Scuba-Diver, a formula of 3 dives of 40 minutes for a thorough initiation. You will learn the basics of diving, from equipment to technique. This last formula allows you to dive up to 12 meters.

The minimum age to participate is 6. There is no maximum age.


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The minimum age to participate is 6. There is no maximum age.


parental consent for the miners is necessary.




If you enjoy this experience, you can then do a training course.