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rand'eau evasion

      Judicaël Rivier


Instructor P.A.D.I (OWSI)

Advanced Freediver Instructor PADI

French instructor (BEES 2°)

Instructor C.M.A.S ***

Instructor Nitrox

Snorkeling guide

free diving coach

host biology




Always been passionate about diving, I did my first dive into Villefranche Bay at  7 years. Since then I've never left and I'm constantly introduce you to the best diving there.

diving villefranche sur mer

From 1989 to 2003: leisure diver
2003: Level 4 of diver
2004: French instructor (BEES 1°), BAFA, host biology, nitrox and trimix, gas blender
2005: Classe IIB INPP
2006: Dive Master PADI
2007: Snorkeling guide
2008: French instructor (BEES 2°), BAFD, Bachelor's degree of sport

2009: Creation of Rand'eau évasion
2010: Anteor

2011: Aqualung partener center

2012: Instructeur PADI; PADI RESORT center

2014: Classe IIA ENS, CRR, PSE1

2016: Advanced Freediver Instructor PADI

2017: Organizer of "curieux de nature" Natura 2000

2018: Speaker at CREPS d'Antibes and expert with the ministry of sport

2019: Temporary employee at STAPS in Nice in the Marine Environment sector, Co-organizer of the world freediving championships. 

2020: Instructeur SSI

rand'eau évasion

                                Bastien Gaucher



2009: Master 2 Sports et Sociey

2010: Dive Master PADI and IANTD

2011: Instructeur PADI

2012BEES 1°, Instructor PSC1, Technician SAV

2013:National First Aid Instructor Certificate PAE3

2014DEJEPS diving spéciality,Service technician training, Monitor Permits Boat, CRR


                                      Camille Babb


2008: Instructeur Associé SSI

2011: Brevet d’État 1st degrés

2016: Instructor PADI

2020: Diplôme d’État et Certificat Complémentaire

Since my first dive at the age of 11 in Cap Corse, this passion has never left me, until it became a profession!

Since 2011, I have practiced with passion, joy and enthusiasm.

My desire to transmit and to please is all the more present as the years go by.

I look forward to seeing you at Rand’eau Évasion!