Dive sites

Nice diving


The white crosses for sites opened at every level by divers and snorkelers.


The red crosses for sites reserved for the confirmed divers.


The blue crosses for the remote sites.

The advantages of Villefranche bay

Formant a protective enclosure, Villefranche bay is particularly sheltered from winds and currents to allow you to make your dives with a maximum of comfort and safety security.

Furthermore, Villefranche bay offers rich and varied dive sites.

Since Villefranche sur Mer we shall make you discover 4 caves, 4 deep potatoes, 1 wreck of plane as well as numerous masses of fallen rocks and falling as the famous "  American's falling ".


Thanks to an important slope (several hundreds of meters between both capes) you will cross fishes coastal as Groupers, Moray eels, Sea breams, Octopuses, Corb, Flabelines, just as much as fishes of high tide as Fishes-moon, Bonitos, Barracudas...

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